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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Oct 22, 2007 9:38am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Did the boys ever play the same song twice in one show?

Lovelight - twice.

Reviewer: dr. flashback - - September 28, 2005
Subject: Dosed Again !

This show has been widely traded for some time, and it usually shows up in the 1969 top ten in Deadbase surveys. One listen and it's easy to see why!
Fans of Pigpen - this is the show for you. Basically a "Dark Star sandwich" with 2, count 'em TWO Lovelights as the "bun".
They burst out of the starting gate with Lovelight #1, full of fire and funk, and it's obvious that Jerry is ready to cook tonight! A gutsy Me & My Uncle follows, then a tight version of Doin That Rag with some nice Jerry soloing at the end. Then the Friend of Mine, not usually a standout, is here just played to perfection. A chill-producing version where even the vocals and harmonies are spot on. Only the Byrds could top this version, or maybe not !
An early, tentative rendition of Dire Wolf points forward to Workingman's and the Dead-about-to-be.
Then, it's time to put on your space helmet and achive orbit. Not the longest Dark Star, but certainly one of the best for 1969. Different themes and styles explored by Jerry make this one rather unique. Plenty of texture to keep your ears busy - bells, gongs, backwards-sounding guitar, feedback and tasty jamming by all.
St. Stephen really smokes, and here includes the William Tell seque into an incredible Eleven. This is definitely one of the best for 1969, tight and rhythmically complex with sparkling runs by Phil and Jerry.
There aren't many great SBD's from the summer of 1969 available yet- all the more reason to download this one! The sound quality is B+, a little muddy but well balanced. Highly recommended!
Dr. Flashback :-)

Reviewer: mikeoberg - - May 4, 2005

The last reviewer said this is not the best "Eleven" but one of the better. Are you kidding me? This probably is the best "Eleven" I've ever heard. They go OFF! And Jerry just keeps coming up with mind melting runs up and down the fret. This is "goosebump" material. They are just charged. The whole Lovelight wrapping throughout the show is rare. I can't think of another show where they replicate this. I wouldn't be surprised if they clean this one up and release it as a Dick's Picks. If anything you have to listen to "The Eleven". SMOKING!!!!

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